Is the Boss good

Well would you recommend the Boss to a intermediate -expert yoyoer

intermediate-waste of crap
advanced-expert-: well it;ll be greaat all the way up to all tricks and combos of master.

As long as you can bind well, its a fantastic yo-yo for any level of play, up to and beyond master. It can handle absolutely any trick of any difficulty. You can’t go wrong with it.

yeah haha it’s great! like it;s one of the yoyo’s where theres no comparing or like limiting

What are you talking about ?!?!

Just because a yoyo has a high price range doesn’t mean its only for advanced. In fact I’d recommend it to an intermediate player. A yoyo is only made good if it works for you.

So geffern, Try it out.
You won’t be dissapointed. :wink:

ohh!!?? sorry, did I EXXAGRERATE TOO MUCH? When I say that, I actually meant that it’s the best yoyo in the world!! (jk, not true)
yoyofreak, just have some fun cause it’s an awesome yoyo and that is an exageration and not an insult.

kay took it seriously srry^^

yeah I think it is a good yoyo

I have one and I love it. Like everyone else said if you can bind it’s a great yoyo. :slight_smile:

It’s BOSS that’s all you need to know!

ok well then i might buy one soon hopefully as long as my mom lets me. :smiley:

mine is 60 and mint. Buy it

pm’d :slight_smile:

“Is the Boss Good?” TE LOCA, Is the Boss good!
Pretty much any Metal yoyo you get is gonna be decent. Some people say they dont like it just because it doesnt fit their preferences, but it still plays great. So to answer your question, Yes. The Boss is good. :smiley: