What do you think about a 10 ball center track bearing!

I think it would be amazing, fantastic, smooth and awesome!

It’s called the twisted trifecta basicly. It is a Ten ball KK grooved bearing.

They’ve been around a while…

You mean the trifecta. It IS awsome. Best ever.

Just got one yesterday. can’t leave it alone :slight_smile:

The trifecta is so seriously.

@Sniffyo on twitter

Even before the Trifecta you could pick up 10-ball concaves for $3 a pop from overseas. Still my favorite bearings ever, as well as the cheapest…

I’m talking about a 10 ball yyf center track bearing -.-! Trifecta and concaves are not yyf center track bearings -.-! They all play different.

U mean a central bearing company center track?

Im sure that’s what he means

yes, that’s what i mean :D!

Deep grooved bearings,especially with a notch in the center, are OK for beginners.
The weight is only centerd when it’s hanging on the first throw.