What Do You Guys Think?

What do you guys think about the St. EEl yoyo from I Love Yoyo.

i think it will be a awesome edition to the ILYY line of yo-yos

I want one. I have never played a bad ILYY. Not even mediocre. All awesome.

I’m sure it’s very good.It’s kind of “ugly” to me…,but I think it’s going to play awesome .

Hey guys sorry i didnt respond i was on vacation it came and i opened it it plays amazing for a yoyo that small.

I love this yoyo :smiley:

I realize that I’m a huge fan of tiny yoyo’s, so now I have a flea coming. Normal sized yoyo’s now feel huge to me after playing the St Eel so much.

This is the only yoyo so far that I can pull off thumb grinds

Haha that happened to me too…When I got the dingo by one drop. I started to play a lot …and now my boss is big for me…XD


I don’t play with good looking yoyo’s. I play with good playing yoyo’s.

Like Smiley and Frank said I was playing with my flea alot and the St.EEL alot and when I picked up my 888 it was a giant in my hand it felt so weird. HAhahaha lol ;D

They aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have both. =]