What do you guys think of this trade? Should I go through with it?

Silk+Extra Pads+BC grooved bearing+ $10.00 foooooooor…my M1 that I hardly play anymore.

What do you guys think? Personally I think its cool.

Yeah I think thats good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! Take it!

You have a awesome Yo-Yo, extra pads, and a grooved bearing, for your M1 YOU NEVER PLAY.

Hands down, yes. :o

Haha, I figured. Just wanted to double check.

Which Gen is the Silk?

Im not sure

If you’re not sure, wait. Think about it. And ask for $15 or $20 dollars instead of $10 dollars.

I think he’s not sure what generation the Silk is.

Oh. I would take it anyways.

Connor- What yo-yo do you play most with? If that broke, would you have your m1 as a backup, or have nothing?

Well if he trades the M1 he gets a Silk. So I don’t see how this question can help him out.

Oh yeah… sorry. I didn’t relize that. I’m stupid. ;D

I got PLENTY of other yoyos incase i need a backup.


Aquarius, DV888, 888, X-ConVict, K-os, Sirius, G5, Project, etc.

And its a 4th Generation Silk, pretty much mint.

Yeah, then take the deal.

Do it.

10 bucks are you kidding me go though with it.