What do you do other than yoyoing when you're lonely?

I mean, not what you “should” do, but what you will literally do.

Well singing the old disney songs when ones alone in a house is lots of fun… “Can you feel the love to night” has never ever sounded better or worse.

i also read, but thats not nearly as fun as singing my head off…

I draw and binge watch on anime 8)

Nothing I can post in a forum, anyway

Sleep or think ;D


Other than yoyo? Riiiight…

Get caught in a downward emotion spiral while you stage conversations with your friends in your head to get your mind off being lonely.

Play Xbox! Call of Duty fanboy incoming! :o

Listen to music and play Rocket League I guess…I yoyo mostly…

umm i yoyo

work on the GTA V Chiliad Mystery, grind through the Witness, FF7, and or play Magic the Gathering with my wife. :smiley:

Just got into Portal…so addicting

I just get busy with the future Mrs. Allen!