What do u do if u hav a new yoyo?


Should u do long sleepers for a week and nothing else? (thats wat my friend says) How long should the string be? Giv other tips if u wan. They r invited :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Cinimod105) #2

Just play with the yoyo as per normal. The string should be about the height of your belly button.

(YoYoBlaze) #3

Well string length should be up to your belly button. Letting it just sleep for a week could waste your time. Instead learn to bind from there you could move on to the rest of the tricks. After learning the tricks. you should consider picking up another style(Looping, Of string, Counterweight) Learning new styles will help you improve your yoyo-ing skills and help you find the right way of play. After becoming really good you might as well enter a yoyo-ing contest!!! yoyo-ing contests help you get a feel of what’s going on and show many other talented yoyo-ers.
Hope this helps!!!


Do tricks for the whole week it is obviously a waste of time if you just do long sleepers.:slight_smile:

And your string should be cut to where your comfortable yoyoing with it:)


(Derek) #5

It is always good to try and get a longer sleeper, but if you just practice all your normal tricks, your sleep times will gradually improve too, since your throw is always improving. I cut my string to the length of my belly button, but its most important to have it cut to where you feel most comfortable with it. If you like it better a little longer or shorter, that is perfectly fine. There is no length that the string has to be, as long as you can yo-yo comfortably with it. My advice is just to throw like normal and have fun, because that will help you get used to your new yo-yo.

(JonasK) #6

Just play with it. Playing responsive for a while shouldn’t hurt.

(Mitch) #7

I usualy cut my strings at about my sternum because I like them a little longer…

Just play that bad boy and have fun with the responsiveness… I love tightening my Kickside so it come up with a tug. Fly away dismounts are awesome…

(marcusWsteadman) #8

Play it a lot clean the bearing when it breaks in go nuts !!!


I play with my yoyos. That’s what I thought they were for anyways…

(JackG) #10

yoyos are ment to be used for tricks
not only sleepers
if you only did sleepers, would you ever have to change your string?