what do i do in my trick?


Hey guys, so im making my own trick, and I dont know what to do… Like im at a part, it looks like a double or nothing, but my arms are crossed. Im not sure if it js a double or nothing, though… What should I try ? This is also like one of the first times I’ve ever done anything cross armed, so dont make it to hard! The only thing I know how to do, is piping it up, and landing in a trapeze, if I run out of things to do in the ctoss-armed thing, ill just do that and get into another mount. Thanks :slight_smile:


Could you like post pictures of the formation?


I might, its literally a double or nothing, cross armed.so if I drop my throw hand, I get into that thing where If i roll out, im in a trapeze, I guess ill just roll out and see what happens


Let me try to do what you are doing


Is the yoyo on the right side?


Oh, I’ve done this before. I usually roll dismount into a cross armed trapeze… Them maybe Eli into a normal trapeze.


I think I’ve gotten it, I might try to pop off the string and hop from string to string like in Black Hops


Thats what I’ve been doing.