What did you get in the mail this week?

(Mitch ) #4196

Chief amongst other things.


Score this beauty on the BST!
It’s amazing what a little soap can do on buffing a Ti.

(ClockMonsterLA) #4198

SF SF, sent by @codinghorror:

I really like how this plays. It is shaped almost exactly like a monometal Hummingbird; it only lacks the Hummingbird’s fingerspin dimple and about 1mm of width. :+1:

(Victorian YoYos) #4199

Nice, wonder what I’ll get. Pretty excited

(Choncworth) #4200

I’d swap it and say the Hummerbird is shaped like the SF SF.

Gotta wonder which companies has their products (CAD designs sent to) machined by FPM / Yoyofriends.


(Tyler) #4201

Preordered this on Black Friday, finally got it on this past Friday, and I gotta say it lives up to the hype.
Only complaint is that it came with a second bearing, but when I tried to put it in, it’s too small (I’m not a fan of grooved bearings, which is what came in it).
G2 AL7 Bomber Banshee

({John15}) #4202


(Tyler) #4203

You might actually like it - not as much of a hard V as I thought it would be. Kinda like a skinnier Top Deck


The Banshee is not … at all… like a skinnier Top Deck? :thinking:

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #4205

No new yoyos, but i got new strings and gloves :>

({John15}) #4206

Cool man, what kind of strings did you get?

(Tyler) #4207

Holding them one next to the other and the profile is kinda similar. Also was just a loose association of a yoyo I know Chad has and the Banshee, which I remember him mentioning he thought he wouldn’t like because of the V shape.
Maybe the design got tweaked a little for the AL7?
Not saying they play similarly, and the rims are way different, but the inner walls have a similar shape.

({John15}) #4208

I’m sure I’ll get one eventually. It is a solid community favorite that has stood the test of time and honeymoon phase, so it has to be pretty nice.

(Choncworth) #4209

For sure worth picking one up. Can find some good prices on them via BST.

Oh and happy cake day / birthday / something.

(Victorian YoYos) #4210

Not what I was expecting, but still very fun! Thanks! @codinghorror




There’s no way I’m the only one excited about this…

(Justin ) #4213

Of course not! I would to hear your opinions on the Ti-Vayder :grin:



Strange spelling there. Looks like some movie character name when you spell it like that.

(Justin ) #4215

Fixed, wouldn’t want a lawsuit on our hands.

I’m so out of it today, only getting 4 hours of sleep really does something to ya.