What did you get in the mail this week?

(Choncworth) #4135

Remeber cleanup is much easier, and less frustrating, once it dries.

That’s what she said…

({John15}) #4136

Not sure if you know this, and I haven’t seen it mentioned here but the difference between flowable and RTV aside from color, is that flowable silicone is self-leveling and RTV is not.

For this reason, flowable is generally easier to use because you don’t have to worry about getting the surface completely 100% smooth; it will level itself for the most part.

RTV is also pretty easy to use, but you have to be more detailed when leveling It Off because if you leave a little dollop or ridge, it will dry like that.

And like @Applepooh mentioned, all you have to focus on is getting the actual response area dialed in. Don’t worry about the excess that oozes off the edge into the catch zone or into the bearing seat. You can just rub it off with your thumb or rag after it dries.

Okay, that’s all I wanted to mention

(Jacob Waugh) #4137

HAHA LMFAO, why though?

(Victorian YoYos) #4138



Nothing however I am awaiting the arrival of the Par Avion I ordered yesterday. I chose mine in solid black :slight_smile:


Ti Cadence!

(Victorian YoYos) #4141

Had to flex on em. Looks a little dirty, you should clean it


Swamp Monster!

(Justin ) #4143

That ano is so gosh darn good.




Poly Edge, different from the OG Edge but Very Similar personality

(Victorian YoYos) #4146

Got parts. One more piece to the puzzle left.

(Mitch ) #4147

The suspense is killing me. Are those NSKs? Im guessing cause i cant think of any other gold bearings.

(Victorian YoYos) #4148

They are not NSKs as they are very expensive. I just got some gold budda bearings as they are cheap. In no way the final choice by they will get the job done. I’m only 15, so money to start a brand is slow. The suspense is killing me more then you know


Got 1 of my grails this weekend! My first Luftverk!!

(Mitch ) #4150

Gotcha. I was going to say thats a big investment in bearings. Looking forward to what you’re working on.

(Justin Thompson) #4151

So am I, keep us posted!

(David Hough) #4152

These two came in yesterday and I am having trouble throwing either one for any length of time before switching. The Par Avion and the Reaper are both on another level.

(ZAC) #4153

Got my first G-2. Loving everything about it. I never save boxes but I will make an exception here. Very cool.

(Thomas Bellotti) #4154

PDX Yo Swamp Monster, Sunrise Fade OD VTWO, Reticulated Return Tops Puff Adder, G2 Elite, and a YYF Confusion