What did you get in the mail this week?

(Justin Thompson) #4075

Cool. Glad the trade went well and both parties are happy with their items. Good doin business with ya Hotcakes!

(Thomas Bellotti) #4076

Been slacking on posting the new throws, so here’s the last couple week’s haul:
C3 Robot, Throwcafe Cappuccino, Recess Diplomat, G2 Wolf, and CLYW Akita. Oh and a box of neon green fat kitty strings

(Selenica ) #4077

Here is a link to my instagram. tTe lastest post shows the new yoyos
I got! Thank you guys!

(Neil ) #4078

My 2wei finally came in from ilyy! With it I have the mini, regular, and supersize now. Looking froward to teatime!


Oh, im first!

Got my Web Swirl Banshee in the mail today! Plays incredible, absolutely loving this yoyo on first throw. Definitely the coolest looking throw I have, and the look of it spinning is just as nice. Left the tail on to irk some of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna take the string off and replace it with a decent string anyways. This yoyo is too cool for Kitty.

(ClockMonsterLA) #4080

Wow, that spiderweb design is cool!


Today’s mail drop!!!
OhYesYo X DWI Purple Heart Kendama
Anti-Yo Viszilla

Thanks to Matthew over at DealWithIt

(Mitch ) #4082

Very nice. I hope to make a post like this soon.


(ClockMonsterLA) #4084

More MFD goodness:


I don’t even know who you are any more Mr. Solids


I don’t really share what I get in the mail often, but I’m so stoked about my recess Komodo, this thing is just RAD. I’m totally in love with the way the shape and dimensions feel and fit in my hand. This is my first purchase from recess and I’m looking forward to my next, I might even have to get a second. :smile:

(Gethin) #4087

Komodo is sick rad, I recommend a snack or first base if you want another recess, they are stellar!

(ClockMonsterLA) #4088

The MFD collection so far:

I think Silverback Tiger is still my favorite of these splash finishes. I still prefer solids by far, but having a few wild splashes is fun too.


These fancy fellows!



(Gethin) #4091

How is the astrea? I’ve seen a lot of love for it among c3 fans


I posted a mini review in the topic dedicated to that yo-yo

(Jacob Waugh) #4093

Can you please explain the Bomber thing to me? is it a variation of the Banshee?

(Victor) #4094

These guys arrived on Friday (3YO3 - Ti5, Turning Point - Mustang, Yoyorecreation- Seventh Heaven, Oxygen- Hyperion, Smashing Yo-Yo Company - Ti Float).