What did you get in the mail this week?

({John15}) #4055

It’s a trip, huh? They really do have personalities of their own.

(Patrick Speer) #4056

had a busy few weeks…


Tundra showed up for me this week.

(Victorian YoYos) #4058

T1 is where it’s at!


I just received this slick OD Mantis last Saturday. I was on the fence about them when they came out but I received a trade offer and decided to take a chance on it. Holy smokes! I’m loving it. Kind of wish I would have gotten one sooner! I might have to pick another one up eventually.

({John15}) #4060

One of the best ODs imo. It’s my profile pic :wink:

(Choncworth) #4061

7075 goodness right there. Nice score.

(Mitch ) #4062

Never before have a thrown such an aptly named yoyo. The Ti Float!


Picked up 4 of these:

Wow, they are great!

Loving the Quicksilver too!


LOL you are a brave brave man! I salute you sir.

(Justin Thompson) #4065

Shoutout to @HotcakesTheMemeGod for the Avalanche ( hope the Marco serves you well) and Chris for the early birthday present! I can feel your h888 @codinghorror:wink:

(Joshua) #4066

Holy smokes

(Cruz Quintana ) #4067

Dude heck ya I got it a day early I really enjoy it!

(Justin Thompson) #4068

Im really glad you like it. I’m having fun w the Avalanche, will be enjoying it more after I get a new bearing for it (the flat one seized up lol). Do you have any suggestions or did you always use the flat bearing?


One Drop - Deep State

Finally got myself one of those responsive metal throws, and simply “god damn”. I have just experience “semi-responsive” for the first time, and I definitely approve. Im going to have to spend some more time to tune it just right, but I love this throw a lot.

edit: and yes, that is 1.75L, and is why I will have to wait until tomorrow to evaluate properly. Going on vacation afterwards, and im bringing this and my Harbinger.

(Cruz Quintana ) #4070

It’s funny for that throw always a flat bearing I’m kind of hurting when it come to good bearings. I like Terrapin Delta Cuts so maybe invest in one of those?

(Choncworth) #4071

My favorite bearing.

(Justin Thompson) #4072

Have you tried a Terrapin Delta cut in the Avalanche? Oh and how do you like the JD Whipple bearing in the Marco? Im torn between another JD, Terrapin Delta, or DS bearing for the Avie

(Cruz Quintana ) #4073

I have not but usually they fit well and spin even better. The Whipple is dang near the same a a delta cut so just cash out on the one that’s cheaper I suppose!

(Cruz Quintana ) #4074

I’ve had one Ds and it seized up on me after a week even after a cleaning a lubing