What did you get in the mail this week?


Spaceship and 000

(Mitch ) #4036

How are the spaceships?

(Emmett H. ) #4037

I absolutely love mine!:ok_hand:t4: So very smooth, has such a beautiful sound. Curious how that smaller prototype is actually!? I like smaller yo-yos and this things is already a great size



(Mitch ) #4039

I asked becuase i have the smaller proto. I like the small one a lot. Its size makes it a really special throw in my collection and Its my go to edc at the moment.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #4040

Titanium Float.

(Emmett H. ) #4041

Where did these beautiful Ti Floats drop?

(Justin ) #4042

They were a pre-order. However he sold/is selling three extra on the Facebook BST.


Nah they’re all gone now!


Got my raw 000 in the mail today - no vibe - played with for about 4 hours and concluded that I like my Fulvia a lot more.

If there’s anyone interested don’t hesitate to PM me - I might give it another week in terms of test driving but you may see it on the BST soon

Edit: it’s sold!

(Jim Honaker) #4045


Fulvia is Amazing, I do love my 000 tho. People that don’t have a Fulvia don’t know that most any other throw cannot compare


Spaceship to me so far… I have a lot of Ti’s, mostly Luftverks and I put the Spaceship right up there with my favorite and best performing Ti’s ever. It is such a special throw honestly


Lmao I’ve spoiled myself then - I’ve tried less than 15 throws before I got a hold of my fulvia…ignorance is bliss?


You have the smaller one? Damn I wanted that, the full size one is incredible, can’t recommend it more

(Mitch ) #4050

50mm of goodness


Elvin needs to make a run of the mini spaceships!!


Do you still need a Tal Mordoch?

(ClockMonsterLA) #4053

MFD Pixel Ape, KC Agent Tantilizing

(Parker Merrick) #4054

Picked up this Recess Snack as a little reward for getting hired on to a new project. This thing is fun as heck! Really starting to feel the differences various shapes and sizes bring to the table!