What did you get in the mail this week?


My Rhapsody came today and if you haven’t had the chance? I highly recommend you give it a chance!!!


I received my spaceship today. smooth as silk and floats like a dream. So what’s all this hype about a TiWalker. :wink:


Love it. Let’s see a video.

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I wish I could try a Ti Walker for a compsrison. The spaceship is super fun though and this one is the smaller prototype. The size is great for an edc and and i have been taking it everywhere.


Don’t really know the size of mine. It’s the one sold on yoyoexpert. I’m quessing it’s54mm. But so far I really really like it. And, I don’t own a TiWalker and don’t even know what one looks like. Weeee, just having fun.

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It should be 54mm. The one i have is 50mm


Just picked up the G2 Elite 18 as a trade!!!
Decided to snap a pic of my Bi-Metals

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What’s the dark red one?


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Now I feel like an idiot for not recognizing THE most recognizable bi-metal.

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There are a lot that look almost like the Draupnir from the side. I suppose it’s been an inspiration for a lot of designs. The BFF is the one that stands out most to me, cause it has that inset curvy steel ring.


@Glenacius_K Spinworthy Glen just sent me an amazingly awesome package of these two gems. Nothing better than fresh Harbingers a 54g and a 60g.

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Finally got a Nickel Parlay.


Pink Topyo Colossus IV. I don’t know how they do it but I love everything they put out.

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Finally got my order from YYBB! It took 3 months, but I finally got some Whipples, Ripples, and a nice sample pack. I got pretty much double what I called for because of the complications, so in the end it worked out. Already used a couple of them, but im happy to finally get my order so I couldnt wait to put them in yoyos in need :stuck_out_tongue:



At long last!

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