What did you get in the mail this week?



(Gregory Braun) #3996

A great little Confusion GT, thanks to codinghorror!


What is that?


Gorylla by Hspin


I got this Markmont Classic in the post today, loaded it up with a suitable colour zipline string straight away. Man is it a nice yoyo!!!

(ClockMonsterLA) #4000

A few more new splashes for my collection:

  • MFD Prime8
  • MFD Conspiracy
  • TC Espresso


66% are perfect for me. Really small but I can still do all my tricks with them.

({John15}) #4002



Check out this super cool yo-yo stand that @gregoryfromearth made for me in trade! :heart_eyes:

The text is a reference to the kids variety show performance topic.

(ZAC) #4004

Got my new Joyride today. This is the first metal yoyo I have bought a second for myself. I like it more than my blackout edition.


Another +1 for the Colossus IV, and I have the same colorway too lol! I got another one in the alien pink, I gotta say they’re pretty much an every day throw. :smile::green_heart:


What’s the dia. on that, looks nice.


Same, can loop with both hands but simultaneous loops…nope.

(Gethin) #4008

How is it? I’ve been looking at getting into tops for a little bit



({John15}) #4010

Much, much more difficult than it looks. Even harder that unresponsive yoyo imo. I like a good challenge though. It feels like a $10 top too

(Jim Honaker) #4011

Thanks to @gregoryfromearth for these fantastic stands. Originally designed for the Deep State, works beautifully with my Gamer and Quint.
(Excuse the mess)

(Gethin) #4012

Nice I’ll have to get one!

(Mitch ) #4013

(Andrew) #4014