What did you get in the mail this week?



(Jacob Waugh) #3915

Does it work in front of a blacklight?

(Jacob Waugh) #3916

Wha-? how?


from A-RT’s fundraiser drop a week back

(Jacob Waugh) #3918

Okey doke, the only one I was able to try was VERY responsive, I wish I could’ve played it when the bearing was better.

(Mitch ) #3919

Instantly two of my favorites.

(Justin ) #3920

Akita!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Plastic Magic Yoyo Skyva. Kitty String XL. Sweet.



aha I wondered who bought those goodies :heart_eyes:


I got a certain Starfire as well…

(Joshua) #3925

I’d grab an Akita if it didn’t have Mark’s name plastered on it. Not exactly inspiration, I think the squeaky wheel finally got his signiture perhaps due to his pillow talk with scales collective. :joy::joy::joy:

Dude that’s a Duncan MG in your profile -



My first Yoyojam. Classic. Plays really nice!


I’ve got a pink one myself great throws!


I really like it but switched to a concave bearing. It’s plastic but feels really nicely weighted and is fun.


That’s a great upgrade and I agree nice weight.

(David Hough) #3931

I traded my titanium Cadence for these 4 nickel plated One Drops. Zero regrets, the Cadence never captivated me and I feel like I’ll have more fun with these 4 than I would have with the Cadence, even though it’s titanium.

(Choncworth) #3932

You def won that trade.
Very nice score.


Wow, what do we have here: deep state, parlay, top deck… ? Nickel is cool!

(David Hough) #3934

Deep State, Vanguard, Markmont Classic, and Top Deck.