What did you get in the mail this week?

(ClockMonsterLA) #3894

This week I got these two beauties:

(Unspoken Artemis, Mythril Gravitas)

And this cute little guy:

Still waiting for my MFD Pixel Ape, which might or might not arrive tonight.

(Joshua) #3895

All one drops come stock with a flat 10 ball- there are benefits of a flat cap bearing but most swap them. If you look at their designs the response and bearing seat allow for a flat bearing, they are simply the classic stock. Wish they did a buy back bearing program :joy:

(Joshua) #3896

I see horizon of without the Art Deco steps with the wide angles anterior angles -

Always Recycle :recycle:

(Justin Thompson) #3897

I’m familiar with One Drop’s flat bearings. What I was actually referring to was a Shutter coming stock with a flat bearing. I thought they all came with a Center Trac, but apparently that wasn’t always the case.


I have to say this was even more gorgeous than I anticipated!
Such a posh and classy look…

(ClockMonsterLA) #3899

Pixel Ape has landed:

(Joshua) #3900


(Joshua) #3901

Takeshi Matsuura.

I think Jake Elliot using the Atlas is what put width on the forefront of what 5a players consider for characteristics in a throw.


that means you have one of the older shutters, before yyf upgraded it to ct. Made slightly before the time when Gentry won worlds


I got my G2 marvel, CLYW Puffin and Unprld Flash from @codinghorror. I was out of town this weekend, so I haven’t had much time to play them, but I’m certain they are all keepers.

One question, what string did you toss in here?


Strangs n’ thangs! So colorful! Or as those in the wrong and bad countries say, colourful!

(ClockMonsterLA) #3905

You’re missing their best color: Golden Eye!

(Thomas Bellotti) #3906

I’m starting to suspect that I reallllly wanna see a full collection shot from you two^^^^

I’m picturing like a walk in closet kinda thang


Oh yeah, basically non-neon strong yellow. It is cool!



I can tell that is some wicked-strong string.


Some loopy bois and a Wedge!

({John15}) #3910

Wait. You have your own stickers @codinghorror? And Discourse stickers too?


I’d been wanting to try some ziplines, now I know I already have. I just ordered a bunch more.

(Choncworth) #3912

@codinghorror ‘s sticker game /branding is on point.

(Justin Thompson) #3913

Shoutout @smittylube, this was too nice!