What did you get in the mail this week?


Photo credit to @codinghorror from another thread!


That hat trick is beautiful. Too bad I didn’t have a chance to grab one. Already sold out

(Choncworth) #3876

I think @FourCorner is selling one.


Ditto - same for me

(Justin Thompson) #3878

Just checked the mail and these bad boys were out there. Thanks Jeff!

(ClockMonsterLA) #3879

Sweet pair!

I’m starting to think I need to get an Imperial, just for nostalgia’s sake. Question is, do I get a new one or try to find a vintage one… :thinking:

(Choncworth) #3880


(Justin ) #3881

Got my beautiful science Shutter all thanks to @codinghorror! It seems to have a non-standard bearing in it, can you confirm if you remember, Jeff?

(Mitch ) #3882

Its been a good week and I am enjoying both of these a ton. The icarus is my first organic and im already contemplating my next.

(Jacob Waugh) #3883

If I were to have another Hummingbird, (a competition backup) that Gold w/ black rims would be it.

(Justin Thompson) #3884

I noticed mine came with a standard flat bearing, which is what they originally shipped with before swapping to a Centertrac. I could be wrong, but I think a reviewer from a couple years back (TokYo-Yo) mentioned his came with a flat bearing.

(Joshua) #3885

Love the scout but it’s heavier on the string than the scout. Although my scout is 7075 - which means a little more rigidness

(Joshua) #3886

Humming bird seems a little wide for a comp throw. (I mean with dia considered)

(Jacob Waugh) #3887

Really? With the Shutter Wide angle, Cognition, and Marco as quite high level, competitive yoyos, (I don’t count 5A yoyos) I think it works really well, all things considered. (previously I used the FIRROX)

(ClockMonsterLA) #3888

Yeah, the Hummingbird is just under 43mm wide, which puts it in the “sorta skinny” category these days.

(SF Yoyos) #3889

Several Statements

({John15}) #3890

A couple of beech Harbingers, courtesy of @Glenacius_K

And a [Kimmitt] signed clyw Canvas, courtesy of a friend :relaxed:

(Thomas Bellotti) #3891

Got a top deck and a Knight&Gale recently. Really liking both of them a whole lot.

I’ve got a Borealis 2 and a backup banshee on the way, and between these new additions and the 10 or so others I’ve splurged on in the last monthish, I think I’ve got a pretty awesome lineup to work with. Gonna try to stick to playing everything I’ve got now and really narrow down what my preferences are. Feeling pretty content with my options,and there’s not really anything else I’m dying to get my hands on yet

Now I gotta throw, throw, throw to justify all these beauties.

But surfing BST threads and buying yoyos is a lot easier than nailing new tricks :frowning:

(Jim Honaker) #3892

Was curious about this one and asked if the guys at YYE had ever had them. Just so happens there was one sitting on the desk next to us. It’s pretty slick. Can’t wait to see the new bi-metal version.

(David Hough) #3893

I managed to get an Edge Beyond yesterday.