What did you get in the mail this week?


what is it?


From left to right:

  • Crucible
  • Diffraction
  • Cappucino



(Thomas Bellotti) #3756

Wanted to echo the thanks for your constant effort to make this place such an unbelievably awesome resource for the rest of us.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: this is by far the greatest forum/message board I’ve ever used. The great people that make-up this community are a large part of that, but the ease and convenience of the layout are definitely significant as well.

I found the throwers Reddit before I discovered this place, and very soon afterward I found myself barely opening Reddit in favor of coming here. I didn’t realize how cumbersome it was in comparison to YYE, and once I did, I couldn’t browse it for 5 minutes without closing it out of frustration. Nothing I’ve ever used has come close to the amazing ease of use you’ve created here.

That got way long haha.
TLDR: codinghorror is the man, and I appreciate all his work making this place great

(Thomas Bellotti) #3757

I’m really digging my purple line too!

I’m really new to this, like less than a month new. But I’ve got a handful already, all but one being magic yoyos. And the purple line is my favorite, beating out my n12 and my node. I enjoy all of them, but find myself grabbing the purple line most often.

Can’t wait to start building a collection, I see how people end up with 100 yoyos now haha

(Justin Thompson) #3758

How would you compare the Purple Line to the N12?

(Thomas Bellotti) #3759

The purple line is definitely a bit bigger, diameter wise. To me, this makes it feel a bit more solid in your hand.

They’re really very similar though. Shape is very close to each other, and both are good choices. Especially for the price. Got mine for like 15 bucks, with 5 strings, a bag, and a glove.

Wish I could offer more info, but like I said, I literally just started playing a week or two ago.

Edit: oops, just saw you weren’t asking me. Sorry, dude. Hope you get the info you’re looking for


To me, they both are very distinguishable from one another. They have different feels but I would put the Node, N12, and Purple Line together because they compliment each other in very subtle ways. The N12 feels a gram or so heavier. Sorry, this reply does not help much.


Heist. Great throw sorry about the bad pic


I really like the black Avocado too. A tad smaller but nice weight and stability. Fun throw.

(Justin Thompson) #3763

Funny thing, I kinda was asking both you guys :wink:

(Thomas Bellotti) #3764

Haha thanks for trying to spare me the awkwardness. You’re a good dude hahaha

But asking me was your first mistake, as I’m sure he’s got a lot more insight than my whopping 2 weeks, and 4 total yoyos of experience lol.

I say grab one though, dude. I mean for the price, unless it doesn’t spin you can’t really go wrong. And my irrelevant opinion happens to be that they’re great bang for buck.


In the last 2 weeks

This was pretty great to be honest :blush:

It feels amazing to get solid finger spins going on the unresponsive sw!




Blood Brothers Part II

Per @MonkeyFingerYOYO

(ClockMonsterLA) #3768

I have to admit I kinda like that one on the far right.

({John15}) #3769

I love the Avocado! Was throwing mine this morning!

({John15}) #3770

Agreed. I could not imagine this community without him. I have noticed myself spending far less time on Reddit also, and it used to be my main source of Yoyo community. I like how topics can get revived here where in Reddit, things just kind of come and go and get buried.

I still check in on Reddit from time to time, but this is my main online community now. It feels much more civilized


I missed seeing that on your shelf. Whew, if you of all people like the Avocado I will not just be imagining that I think it’s good because, seriously, I honestly respect your opinions about yoyos.

(Tyler) #3772

Right? I pretty much try to buy whatever he tells me lol