What did you get in the mail this week?


Got this just in time for Christmas! (and yeah it’s a Decoy not a Knight :joy: the colors matched so I slapped it on)



Finally opened my package from the contest a few weeks ago. A beautiful Rain City Skills / Eternal Throw, The Gamer (which comes with a cool case and extra pads). Thank you again for the contest @codinghorror.


Just opened the Space Crown!


Finally a dash of color in my black and white throws :sweat_smile:

({John15}) #3716


(Jacob Waugh) #3717

My friends and I have been learning cardistry together, and one of them has that deck, so jealous.

(Ken) #3718

Does it stick to your hands when it’s sweaty? The finish is supposed to be super absorbent right?

(Ken) #3719

what’s that bearing lube thing?

(ClockMonsterLA) #3720

This is waiting for me when I get back home from my vacation:



Love that yoyorecreation. I’m definitely a fanboy. Where’d you find a blue one? All I could find was gray.

(ClockMonsterLA) #3722

A guy in Denmark was selling (a used) one through the Facebook YoYo BST group.

(Francisco) #3723

A new Terrarian splashed with love. Also got a box of white kitty normal, made the color switch. @smileypants707 was right, white string is very classy.


Very interesting shape!

(Jim Honaker) #3725

Just got 2 items in the mail!
Thanks @codinghorror! No Jive 3-in-1! It is perfect, with the pumping wood booklet, sealed strings, and spare axles. You are awesome! Thank you!

Also a big shout out to @FourCorner. He sent me this well loved Civility for the cost of shipping. I have been wanting one for quite some time and this really satisfies that need. Plus I am not worried about putting some dings in it!


I was reading a topic about titanium throws and someone mentioned the Heirloom. So, I looked it up, only 30 made came out awhile ago. No way to get one of those. Back to yoyoexpert search yoyo brothers and what do I see. One Heirloom left at a sale price. I had no choice. It’s #14.photo P1000440_zpsmtnqb2o2.jpg

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #3727

I got a Manatee, 888GT, Wedge, Monster Edge, Loop 2020s, and a Flight. (For Christmas. (I know Christmas was last week, but it was within 7 days ago))


Merry Christmas!,


Codinghorror is awesome!


I think the Heirloom was a score at that price. I really enjoy mine.


Thanks smitty. I really like it too.