What did you get in the mail this week?

(Jacob Waugh) #3672

Huh? they just sent it to you?

({John15}) #3673


Best. String trade. Ever. :heart:


Aw nice. The prescription is a great throw, but then what OneDrop isn’t great, I ask you??

({John15}) #3675

I haven’t found a terrible OD yet :wink:

(Priyanka) #3676

Yup :heart::sob:

(Joseph) #3677

What does the Bliss CS play like?

(Spinworthy Glen) #3678

I got this today from DocPop. I can hardly put it down.

(Priyanka) #3679

It plays like a hundred dollar yoyo :joy: Just amazing. Smooth as butter, weight distribution is flawless and it’s so stable. Ya get the price when ya own one. It’s so good.

(Alexander) #3680

This beauty.


Not in the mail, but I picked up these 720s yesterday. I am determined to become at least semi decent at 2A. I can loop endlessly with both hands, but for some reason my brain freezes when I try to do both hands at once.


The Bolt 2 is also an awesome response throw with a 1/2 spec C bearing

(Tyler) #3683

Loving the half swap on these. I been meaning to pick up some 720s and start learning how to loop. It just looks so fun and relaxing


I’m in a similar boat. I don’t get it. I’ve tried several times and get back to proficient with each hand individually, but together, no luck.


Was that eH stained?


Yes not by me. I originally wasn’t really excited about it but it actually isn’t bad.

(Jim Honaker) #3687

I am working on my one handed loops first! Hahaha! I was able to snag a pair from @ewest. They are wrapped under the tree.

(ChrisFrancz) #3688

In 2015 I got an Imperial and all I wanted to do was loop. By the next fall I was looping with a Loop 360 25 healthy loops straight out of bed in the morning, no warm up. For 2 weeks I was good. One day after work I decided to try two-handed…no dice. My one-handed went severely downhill that very night. By the next day I was throwing corkscrews and over the next week I lost the hand movement almost totally and quit throwing for several months. Nothing helped. Good news is, it eventually led me (2 years later) to get serious about 1a. I try to loop from time to time but the fear of getting it and losing it again makes me almost physically ill. Why did I just write all of that? Time to put on my big boy pants I guess…

(Joseph) #3689

Cool! I’ll definitely consider getting one! :wink:

(Ken) #3690

my new favourite throw

(ChrisFrancz) #3691

My first B/S/T experience was great. I posted a new / unopened Duncan Speed Beetle and @WH0TH3MAN snagged it. I just said I’d trade it for whatever strings he thought it was worth. Today, I got my trade and was blown away! Heart Strings, Blueprint, Toxic Great Whites, CLYW Hybrids, String Lab, YYSL, Kitty String, and more, plus 2 counterweights which I will take as a nudge… Thank you @WH0TH3MAN! This forum and every member here (even if I just liked your posts and we have not PM yet) has been the best social media I ever experienced. P.S. I treasure / value these strings (and counter weights) so much I do not want to use them, but yeah, that aint gonna happen. For tonight though, I’m gonna bask in the radiance.