What did you get in the mail this week?


100 zeekio strings, 10 nylon kitty strings, one tube of liquid silicone and one ko olau edge!

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The USPS here in LA plays games with delivery status all the time. They routinely deliver a day or two later than scheduled, they will sometimes mark a package as delivered even though it hasn’t been (and then actually deliver it a day or two later), and once they even marked the status as “Held at customer’s request,” which was complete fiction (I requested no such thing).

All of this is a product of the fact that the USPS is woefully under-staffed, and it is a rare day that mail carriers will actually have enough time, even with a double or triple shift, to deliver everything that is scheduled for delivery on any given day. However, due to contractual obligations with certain companies (like Amazon), they must deliver “on time” or pay penalties, and so they lie about the status on a fairly regular basis to avoid them.

Clearly the current shipping rates charged to consumers isn’t nearly enough, and this situation is likely to only going to get worse.


Got ALL this from @codinghorror :rofl: ! Thanks! Super exicited! (although I haven’t the faintest idea what yoyo and strings are these :joy:)


Also got this from @Nocompromise :sparkles:! I knew it was mint but didn’t expect it mint in box w/ accessories! Great packaging and shipping 100% will buy again!

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That is NICE looking!!!

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3552

The yoyo at least looks like a Ting. Either a V-Ting or a first-run H-Ting.


Close! It’s an O-ting :wink:

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3554

Aah! It’s so hard to tell the shape from that angle. O-Ting is great, though!


Got my Monkeyfinger Conspiracy in the mail today!

And yes, I can somehow get my finger into that knot :stuck_out_tongue:


Blue with brass ring Elite showed up after all-2 days from when it claimed ‘delivered’. When the tracking shows it delivered you have nothing to stand on if you go to the P.O.

Plays excellent.

(Neil ) #3557

Got one of my grails today. A galactic goose


These issues are national, it happens everywhere. But the USPS is plagued by a “it’s not my job” mentality as well as other issues. The understaffing issues are a problem, but there is a much deeper and longer-running ineffectiveness in management

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The USPS is usually fine any other time of year. I think they just get so swamped around the holidays that it’s a madhouse inside those facilities. I don’t think we understand just how much mail our USPS pushes in a single day.

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They’ve been playing delivery status games and delivering late for quite some time here in LA. It’s not just a holiday phenomenon. However, I do expect it to get much worse during the rest of this month.


Speak to me goose!


It will, but I have family and friends who work there, so I get a bit more insight


@AngryGumball ! You are still around! I haven’t seen you post in forever! Great to see you again!


Yea just haven’t been active anywhere lately and the rut did not help, neither does the decline of social media and their lousy algorithms (where I’d share my tricks) but that’s another long rant for another time :slight_smile: This responsive/fixed axle style is starting to grow on me and can’t put it down.

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Now that, is a solid budget metal. Nice catch!