What did you get in the mail this week?

(Priyanka) #3362

Thanks dude :raised_hands:t4::grin:

(Mark) #3363

Got myself a Float!

(ChrisFrancz) #3364

I know your post is old. I also stock up on pads. I usually have at least 10 pairs of 19mm pads on hand and the same of whatever the smaller YYF pads are. I just ordered a Whip and it takes 21mm pads so I added 5 pairs to the order.

(Priyanka) #3365

How does it play?

(ChrisFrancz) #3366

I ordered it last night. Impulse buy. I will let you know! As I get better I find I am able to play better with lower-priced yos like my YYF Plus and Spinstar. I put thin pads and thin lube in my YYF One and itโ€™s like a new yo! I love it!!!

(Mark) #3367

Itโ€™s surprisingly powerful for how light it is. Very smooth on the string, too. The gap is perfect for the thick nylon strings I like, so it binds with authority, and it has a teeny tiny inner grind ring just in case you like those.

(ClockMonster) #3368

Mowl M+

(Tyler) #3369

Picked this up off BST - GSquared OC
My first organic shape, and gotta say Iโ€™m really enjoying it. Lots of power for how small it is.
Also, came across a Yomega Xodus II randomly at a store and picked it up (not pictured)


Nice matching string :ok_hand:

(Tyler) #3371

Thank you! Made by @Kieran - just got them on Friday so it worked out nicely with getting this throw.
I also definitely see some more organics in my future, loving this throwโ€™s shape.

({John15}) #3372

Organics are the best, you should pick up an MMC :heart::heart::heart:



(ChrisFrancz) #3375

(eldollo) #3376

Top Yo - Nuit

({John15}) #3377

OD Cabal and Y-factor :heart_eyes:

I have wanted a cabal for the longest time, and I finally got my hands on one! Itโ€™s my first Delrin, and it does not disappoint!

(Tyler) #3378

Oooh dang I like that Cabal. Just crispy clean white with the little metal peg, loving the big organic shape. :heart_eyes:

({John15}) #3379

Hey man, eyes to yourself!



Just came in the mail today.


Came with a glove too. Dont know what its for but it cleans my phones screen pretty good.

What did u get in the mail this week?
(ClockMonster) #3382

FYI: I wear a pair of those MagicYoyo gloves whenever I play.