What Chief Did Everyone Get? (Fifth Run)

What Chief did everyone get last night?
I got a Green Ghost, and am so Happy! I’ve always wanted a Chief. ;D

Anyway, Continue.

I wasn’t able to get one…thanks for rubbing it in :’(

I got a blue with orange speckle because I couldnt justify spending more than 145 on it.

I really wanted a petr kavka one but wasn’t able to get it but I did end up getting blue with orange specle

Blue with orange speckle is where its at!

i didnt even know a run of them dropped…kinda upset O.o

I didnt find out till yesterday… they sold out in 6 mins

it is a sick color way but there were a few i wanted before it lol like the petr kavka, green ghost, saskatoon berry but hey im still super stoked to get it!! Unfortunately i wasnt quick enough to get it on this site so i had to order one from a store in japan so i wont get for like 3 weeks :confused:

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to be honest, I really didn’t care for this run. I have a 3rd run, and that’s all I need.

I have a blue first run, which is too, all I need. The chief is now becoming to much of a status item, like the peak. I love mine because it plays so well.

I got the blue and orange speckle - not because it was cheaper or because I didn’t get another - but because that’s the one I had my eye on from the beginning - and stoked I was able to grab it! I dig blue and orange combos - also got the new DM2 Toxic Frog (blue and orange)…

Sorry Genji…

I got another 1 of 1 magic invisible chief now I have a 4th and 5th run invisible chief!!!

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The price killed me so I’m happy with my foxy moss ed.

I wanted the Saskatoon Berry or Blue with orange spots. I would have settled for the Green Ghost or Ink Pot. I had my order assembled and I’m serious when is say i sneezed and lost it.

True: sold out in 90 seconds.

The price was a little overboard so I’m satisfied with the throws I currently have

I got the invisible one!

What I was told the invisible ones were 1 of 1 for each run???

i got the blue with yello splash on rewind

I scored a Petr Chief. It was the only one I wanted, If it would of sold out I wouldnt have gotten one this Run. Big shout out to my ol’ lady who helped me finance my second one. She got me my Musket Chief for christmas, and my Petr for Valentines day ;D

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