what can you do with 20 bucks?


we all want performance at a reasonable price, and more and more companies are doing their best to offer them, Yoemga has been pumping out an revamping their entire line while adding new throws.

a 20 buck offering is the ooch-yo comming in at 68grams with a c sized 10 ball bearing i found i loved it!
what can you do with your 20 dollar throw? post it in the comments!

(kclejeune) #2

Have you seen any of the surge video contest entries?


Here is the surge video


Buy some yoyos from me


alpha crash ;D

(Amplified) #6

Your video was bout it bout it.
(Master P reference.)


yeah, they weren’t all as awesome as i expected, it’s a good throw. but it seems t have more hype than i think it’s worth.