What can I get?

After looking at the accecories ate YYE, I decided I wanted to get a few. I just have one problem. I have a drakmagic. It has an O-ring and some other stuff like that. It just made me wonder what I could and couldn’t get. Can someone help me?

I also wanted to get the YYJ synergy caps. Its says it might mess up some 1a tricks. All I do is 1a tricks. Does anyone know if I should still get it, or if I should leave it.

I believe you can get most needed/wanted accessories at this site. But if you want something like speciality string, special response pads (though some of the best are sold here) or cases etc. You could (please not) try YoyoNation which does carry a lot, but if you can get what you want here, there is no need to buy it somewhere else.

And synergy caps are mostly for fun, and if you really want to, it won’t hurt to buy them. Unless you put them in a Legacy, you won’t go through any hassle getting them off again.

To sum things up: Buy your accessories here, it don’t exist here. If you want to buy synergy caps, they are a great way to add some extra fun to your play.

Hope I could be any help

EDIT: If you use the Dark Magic, Synergy caps will fit, but it might end up being wiggly, noisy and mess up some 1a tricks.

You can get :

Shims,Spacers,Synergy Cap, Glove, Size C kk,Lube,silicone, counterwieghts, or string.