What came with my Chief?

So, got the Chief in today…it’s great, wonderful, yada yada whatever. But, I’m curious as to what in the heck these things are that came inside the box. Seems to be a plastic tube with some kind of viscous liquid, and then floating within that, a second plastic tube that appears to be filled with sand or something that I can see shaking around in there a little. I have 4 of them.

I guess the only thing that comes to mind is maybe flowable silicone? Seems odd, but I can’t think of any other yoyo related thing this could be…or maybe I’m just not considering the obvious.

It’s a glow stick to put in the rims of the chief so they glow when spinning :smiley:

Thanks. Mystery solved. Just cracked one and sure enough, glows like a torch. Pretty cool. Never would have guessed that in a million years.

Seems like it should stuff between the middle and outer rim but I couldn’t quite get it in good enough to stay for but a few seconds. Works really well in the hub area though.

Now I just wish they’d included like 40 of them.

I like glowsticks in my chief. They add the perfect amount of weight for me. I love them



If you don’t want the glow sticks to stop glowing, put the cracked ones in the freezer. :slight_smile:


Those sticks are pretty short. I’m thinking a six inch stick should fill the entire groove. Not that it really matters once the yo-yo is spinning but being as I own the lighter 1st run chief it might be fun to adjust the weight using shorter/longer glow sticks. Kinda like side effects with more hysteria!

These glow sticks are on eBay from the guy who created the glow mod. Look up yoyo glowsticks!! :slight_smile:

Imagine that! Small world,the guy selling them lives about 220 Km up island from me, I’ll check 'em out from sure. Pretty sweet that YYE/CLYW tossed them in with your purchase.

How much vibe does this give the yoyo?

I don’t know how much there is if you put all 4 in like your supposed to. But I put one in each hub on different size to try stabilize the weight distribution. Need less to say I took them out after about 5 throws because of all the wobble.

I’m sure if you put all four in it would be better.

EDIT: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/664/Glow-Mod-Glow-Sticks

Hi everybody! LarcyGlowThrower here to answer some much needed concerns ect…

First things first! Balance and symmetry is everything. I could go on and on but long story short.

It is very simple to install the glowsticks in your chief with no vibe. You must have lined up close to eliminate vibe and is very simple.

I will have a tutorial up shortly to simplify things!!

But feel free to ask me any questions regarding the Glowstick Mods!! 8)