What brand?

Don’t say clyw, because I might be getting a chief or avalanche.

I also want your recommendation of what yoyo from the brand you voted for.
My crteria, something that is v or h shape, spins for a really long time, and is stable, also tight binds, something that comes up first try.

G squared triton. You wont be disappointed!!

Just look thru the site for yoyos that have a lot of rim weight and fit ur preferences.

Tight binds is gonna be based on the pads in it

Might want to consider turning point as well since a lot of their throws seem to fit your preferences

The electric flash is worth checking out along with the rest of C3’s lineup. I really enjoy the new superstar but not sure if I would say it’s super stable along with the 7075 genesis. Onedrop has the code 2 which I think would fit pretty well and the diamondback from yoyojam also seems to fit. Prestige is definately worth consideration as well.

Yoyorecreation, get one if you haven’t already. We still have a Mr. Butcher left. YYR has some of the best performing throws and after six years of throwing, I can comfortably say they are my favorite brand. There aren’t many throws that can out sleep a Yoyorecreation.

Yoyojam. Imho their yoyos are the best. But i’m not the pickiest person in the world so don’t take my word for it.

How is YYR not on this list?

YYR’s yoyos are THE yoyos to beat…

Dude… look 3 posts up.


Pick your own yoyos. Seriously it’s not hard.

I voted YoYoFactory