What bearing should I get?

I don’t really have preferences except I prefer flat bearings. I’m not a noon so I want really dry it’s just while siliing my hitman I lost the bearing and my protostar and I’m gonna buy 5

YYJ speed bearings are nice, 10 Ball, and a lot of people like the YYF spec. When it comes down to it, as long as it spins, you shouldn’t really have a problem w/ any of them.

Any bearing works. Most preferable by most people would be 10 Ball and AIGR. Also, when you buy the Protostar, it comes with a dry CT Bearing and it spins for SO long. So CT bearing would be great too. But the CT bearing spins so long because it’s dry. You really shouldn’t run the bearing dry, therefore put a sewing needle tip size of thin lube on ANY bearing to keep ANY bearing safe from wearing out too soon.

So 10 ball and AIGR or maybe a CT bearing.

i like my terrapin ceramic flat bearing. spins a long time, you never have to clean it or lube it which is great because thats one less thing to do!

I got some vxb ceramic abec 5’s which are decent, especially at $60 for ten. They come greased, so you’d have to clean them.

also comparable are 10-ball, yyj speed, and terrapin x.

Parts is parts.
Don’t spend a lot of time analyzing it.
Just get a stock YYJ large bearing.
Can’t go wrong.

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If you want to just get a standard bearing, just get a YYJ standard C bearing if it’s for your hitman. Anything is fine as long as it works right?

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I thought bearings will become worn out more quickly without lubricant. This is a fact not a thought. There may be some bearings that do not need lube. You don’t have to put lube on any bearing, but most bearings should be broken or “dead” more quickly than lightly thin lubed bearings. It’s a preference but for keeping the bearing running in a long life, lubing is recomended.

Any bearing will work great. As long as maintaned correctly, can spin long enough (though not a factor) and can perform well as good as any other bearing.

you can buy 10 ball bearing, AIGR bearing, KK or center track bearing

10 ball all the way!