What bearing do u find optimal in your Prestige

I haven’t found a bearing that I feel “gels” with the prestige

What do u like?

One of mine has the stock flat bearing and the other has a KK bearing in it. I personally prefer the stock AIGR bearing General Yo bearing, but a KK seems to work well.

The stock grooved concave bearing. The pads are too grippy for a flat bearing.

Some Prestiges came with a Buddha Ripple (same profile as the Twisted Trifecta) and some came with flat. I haven’t found the pads extremely grippy with the flat (which is what my blasted yo came with) but they are a LITTLE grippier, so I’ve had to use thinner string to compensate until they get broken in.

I haven’t tried it with anything other than the flat, but I’m loving it so far. I have a few profiled bearings lying around; maybe I’ll go for some experimenting later on.

Mine came with an AIGR and plays great that way. I also tried it with a KK and it too plays great that way.

Mine also came with an AIGR But I MIXED it in with my other bearings how do I tell the difference between a 10 ball and aigr

AIGR has 8 balls, unless they’ve changed it up. So that’s a start.

Then I have to deshield all of them maybe I shouldve asked how to tell the difference with the shields on

If you can’t tell it shouldn’t be an issue. It also means that it’s really good so you shouldn’t worry about it.

10 Ball Bearings are stainless steel and are more shiny… The AIGR will look more “dull” there are other differences as well. If you post pics of the bearing I can tell you which are the 10 Balls and which are the AIGR…

I switched out the Buddha Ripple with an AIGR.

Do u find it to be a good switch?


some aigr’s are good, some are really bad. Thats from my past experience.