What are your opinions on YoYoJam Classic , Yoyofactory Hubstack Afterglow?

Which in your opinion will give a more oversized feel as both are near 58 diameter and will they feel more oversized then a YOYOFACTORY SHUTTER and what are other yoyos that can give a oversized feel then a Shutter in 25$ 30$ price range.

For that price range, in an oversized, not much else comes to my mind. But, then again, I’m not usually focused on oversized throws. Both are fun, it depends on what kind of fun you’re looking for. It’s a toss up. That Afterglow has the best lights I’ve seen in a light up, and the Classic is such a bargain for a nice player.

If you raise your price range to about $45, there are some other really good oversized options. Even the Shutter you mention is about $45. So, comparable to Shutter price, but oversized, I recommend the Horizon. Jaeger or Rally might interest you too.

You should be able to find those on the second hand market (buy/sell/trade) within your price range.

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do you have auldeys in your country? they just rebranded Marcus Koh’s ares star into a green $25 yoyo

For an oversized under $30 the magic K8 cannot be beat IMO, it is one of my favorite throws.

Mod Edit: Please don’t post pics from other stores.

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I for one really dig the upgraded Classic.  So much so that I have three of them.

Some others to consider, with the larger diameter, would be the YYJ Surge and XLR8.

The Surge feels good in the hand but you can really feel the weight at the end of the string.  Not that it is a bad thing really, but I don’t throw it for long since it feels like it strangles my finger.  Very fun regardless!

The XLR8 has the same weight as the Surge…but it feels floaty, light and nimble.  I enjoyed it so much that I have two.  The price is a little over your budget at $32.75.

Wait until you see the Yongjun Uranus in person, it’s insane - to quote Steve Brown, it’s like yo-yoing with a flashlight! http://www.yoyomuseum.com/?1573

Idk if this counts since you can’t purchase it. But have you seen the Freehand Mod with Lazers b!st did? I don’t think anything will ever beat that lol.

dat $80 lol

Well yeah, but lasers automatically trump anything else :)  And yes I know the Uranus is $80, but my response was to TA about the Afterglow being the best light-up she’d seen - hopefully she’ll get to see a better one next weekend :slight_smile:

The point is, it isnt even near $80.

What isn’t near $80??

eh if it isnt some junk made in china she probably wont like it.

What?? I think we’re way off topic now, my fault I know.

YYF hubstack is made in China…

And, if what I like is junk, so is your post.


That looks very interesting, and it’s my first time seeing it too. I hope I’ll get to check it out soon.

But, for the OP, within his price range, the Afterglow is definitely a light up sensation.

No arguments here, the Afterglow is a great yo-yo and I often recommend it for someone looking for something different from the norm :slight_smile: It’s really great when waiting in dark lines at Disney World too…

Thanks for the replies. And actually I’ve been looking into these OneDrop Rally and Yoyofactory Horizon but as they are oversized and I’ve not tried an oversized yoyo so that why I’m not looking to spend that much. Even YoyoJam XLR8 looks good. And do you consider Shutter as an oversized yoyo. And is a yoyo that have a diameter of 58 or more is considered oversize. Right.

The Shutter is a full sized throw, at 56mm

I feel anything over 57mm would be oversized.

The Rally is an awesome choice as well!

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i can only speak to the yyj classic (1st run).

i’m not sure how they were able to manufacture it for under 10$ - but for me, it was money well spent. the classic just works. no frills, no crazy bearin’, no nutty response system, no nonsense. a basic yoyo that is able to handle any trick i attempted on it.

what i liked the most ‘bout the classic was - responsive out of the box. w/ a half sized bearin’ and dual oring response…it was just fun to play. of course, it can be setup to play unresponsive - but the change from the unresponsive norm was a welcome change for me.

and lastly the shape is just - classic. a form factor that would be applicable in 1915 or 2015…a shape that just works.

if your lookin’ for a fashion accessory to hang off your belt - i would not buy the classic. if you want to play any style of yo yo - i would strongly recommend one.



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