What are your fav YoYos 100$ and under


(title Explains it)

(2Sick Joey) #2

RecRev Freq.Wave



(YoYo_Freak) #4

Capless and Protostar.


Halo, Dark Magic II, Asteroid, Classic, WHiP, Raptor.


Rec Rev ta1 and the C3 halo

(Owen) #7

Supernova, Super G, Genesis, and New Breed.


Genesis for sure.love it.


Master Galaxy



(SR) #11

Genesis, Supernova, New Severe, other stuff.




C3 yeah3 and chaser


Yes, but posting it in the body as well has been considered good form since 1975.

Depends on my mood. I can be happy with anything as cheap as a ProZ or Classic or as expensive as anything I own that costs up to $100.

Enjoyment is more important than price.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been playing my V a lot today.


FG Avalanche, Dv888, Northstar, di base, phenomizm, sfx, oscillatrix


Let’s start with these:

  1. Freq Wave (Very Underrated YoYo)
  2. Capless
  3. Eternal Throw “Victory” (Awesome Throw)
  4. “V”
  5. Super G
  6. Dark Magic (For under $50.00, it’s the best)

The amount of great YoYo’s under $100.00 has really increased over the last year. It’s a great time to find real value for your money.


In no particular order:

FG Chief
C3 Capless
YYF Northstar
YYJ Classic <- Definitely the most amazing thing ever for 10 dollars (~20 to make it unresponsive, fine)
Duncan FHZ
Duncan Raptor
Oh and I almost forgot, the Duncan Metal Drifter is really good for the price, and can even be found at Toy shops!


the V


Yomega Glide


I love the H.O.T., the Phenomizm and the dv888