What are your fav YoYos 100$ and under

(title Explains it)

RecRev Freq.Wave


Capless and Protostar.

Halo, Dark Magic II, Asteroid, Classic, WHiP, Raptor.

Rec Rev ta1 and the C3 halo

Supernova, Super G, Genesis, and New Breed.

Genesis for sure.love it.

Master Galaxy


Genesis, Supernova, New Severe, other stuff.


C3 yeah3 and chaser

Yes, but posting it in the body as well has been considered good form since 1975.

Depends on my mood. I can be happy with anything as cheap as a ProZ or Classic or as expensive as anything I own that costs up to $100.

Enjoyment is more important than price.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been playing my V a lot today.

FG Avalanche, Dv888, Northstar, di base, phenomizm, sfx, oscillatrix

Let’s start with these:

  1. Freq Wave (Very Underrated YoYo)
  2. Capless
  3. Eternal Throw “Victory” (Awesome Throw)
  4. “V”
  5. Super G
  6. Dark Magic (For under $50.00, it’s the best)

The amount of great YoYo’s under $100.00 has really increased over the last year. It’s a great time to find real value for your money.

In no particular order:

FG Chief
C3 Capless
YYF Northstar
YYJ Classic <- Definitely the most amazing thing ever for 10 dollars (~20 to make it unresponsive, fine)
Duncan FHZ
Duncan Raptor
Oh and I almost forgot, the Duncan Metal Drifter is really good for the price, and can even be found at Toy shops!

the V

Yomega Glide

I love the H.O.T., the Phenomizm and the dv888