What are you using as your Yo Yo Parts / Tool Bag or Box?


I just bought (not very long ago) and am using a PLANO 3600 SpeedBag. I already feel like I am starting to out grow it. I am starting to wish that I would have gotten the PLANO 3700 SpeedBag.
What parts / tool bag or box are you using for your yoyos?


It’s a mess right now.

Have a mid-sized fishing tackle box that fit 9 yoyos in the bottom and 6 more flatter (generally fixed-axle) yoyos in an accessory tray, all with decently custom foam. I thought that would be all the case I needed. :wink:

Now have a plastic shoebox-sized box for miscellaneous other junk (including large bundles of string), plus a divided organizer that contains smaller packs (10- and 5-packs) of string for a wide variety of manufacturers, plus a 6-yoyo cigar box with foam insert.

And it’s still not enough… had to throw a few yoyos “loose” into the tackle box…


Thank you Greg :slight_smile:
I am trying to keep things organized and separated.
I have a hard case with cut out foam inserts to store my yoyos and the 3600 speedBag for parts and tools but I am going to have to figure out something for the liquids.


Red Phenom bag. Holds my lube, multi-tools, bearings, response pads, pins for un-shielding bearings.


15qt. Sterilite bin:

I never need to take that stuff anywhere so i stick all my yoyo boxes, extra string, tools, lube, etc. in there. Easy enough to throw a Novus full of bearings in a yoyo case with some extra string and that’s all i’ll need in the short term should i go anywhere.


Hmmm, looks like I need to rethink this…


Something, small, that I got at lowes for 2 bucks maybe?

I also got a full tool set for my birthday that I use…

And other household items ::).


This and a mini ups awesome circular pop tin thing.


I have a case I made from a poker chip box and cut eight holes in it, and that’s my carry case. In the case I usually have 7 yoyos and one hole is extra bearings, some spare strings, and in my wallet is always an extra string. As for holding my bundles of string i have a wood slide top box I made in woodshop a few years back, works nicely. Holding other stuff that doesn’t fit in either is my downside. I need a better box cause I’m outgrowing this little tin box thing.


I keep all my tools in my tool box. Yoyo parts get their own storage system.

I have all of my parts separated into mini ziplock baggies. I keep all of the little baggies in a Twisted Stringz capsule. I keep that capsule in one of the slots in my yoyo bag.


A tea box.


I use a fishing tackle box and for larger modding utensils etc a drawer ed box type thing


A cheap plastic parts storage box from the local Made-in-China store. It was $5.98 and has removable compartment dividers; so you can make the inside pretty much what ever configuration you want. I have all my replacement pads, bearings, axles, lube, Silicone and tools in there.

I have a smaller one devoted to my collection of OneDrop SE’s.


They have this box thingy at a Home Depot or lowes that’s supposed to keep screws and nails organized, you can use that.
I currently have the Duncan parts case, I like it and its water proof. Bad thing about it is that it do not fit many things. It’s just too small. You can buy a case that’s suppose to hold and organize make up also. Nice and fancy with pull out drawers, just don’t buy a pink or red case.


Yoyoexpert medium contest bag


I’m going to buy 6 donuts at Dunkin donuts. After I eat the donuts, I will then transform that box into a yoyo storage case. Add some foam and cut holes out.


I keep my one good yoyo, the DV888, within 5 feet of myself at all times. Yes, that includes school.


my kid and I use a wood toolbox he made as a scout project… got the tray that fits n the top for the yoyo’s and everything else goes under the tray.