My yoyo accesories and maintinence tools my custom made “monkeys fist” yoyo holder. Beats by dre case. String, thread sealant tape, zippo fuel, jar and a small thumb wrench. Also extra pads and bearings. Whats in your wallet? Bhahaa

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I like this jaun dude?!?!??!!

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No pictures but:

Compartmented plastic box:

Flowable silicone with syringe
Picking tool
Safety Pin
Teflon Tape
The YYE yoyo tape
Lots of bearings, A, B, C, D including KK’s, CBC centertraks, 10 Ball, Crucial Grooved and Terrapin X, Duncans, YYF, YYJ and others.
2 baby food jars, full of mineral spirits(plus a quart container that I replenish the jars with)
Duncan spacer kit with extras from other Duncans
CBC response pads
YYJ Response pads
General Yo Thin hat pads
Shims, both Dif-E-Yo and YYJ in both sizes
Small compartmented box for sorting yoyo parts when doing maintenance on more than 1 yoyo at a time.
Assorted holders, small bags, carabiners, wood beads and some Studio42 silicone wrist-bands to make some holders
A set of lineman pliers for bearing removal
YYF Multi-tool.
SPR’s for Crucials in both A and C sizes
Crucial Ghost Pads
Caps for the stacks on my Momentum
Small plastic zip bags

Planning to get a 3-drawer tool box and converting some of that to a yoyo holding case and some for maintenance. Top will be for 4A throws, the next 2 drawers will be for whatever, and the bottom will be maintenance items.

Thats whats up!! Thanks for replying bro!!

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My favourite accessory has to be a good old paper clip. Very useful for knots and if you are good enough de-shielding a bearing.


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what’s the tape for?
and mine consists of:
lube (thick and thin)
monkey pick
needle (for removing c rings)
yyf multi tool
yoyo holders
various pads
extra bearings of all sizes
jimmy hats, z stacks
a couple individual bags
spare axles
and a werrd string cutter

My accessories include my Grrr bag, Barbie lunchbox that holds all my extra bearings, allen wrench for yyf axles, V4M lube, 5a stuff, homemade yoyo holded, and a Cyclops String Cutter :smiley:

Hell yeah bro

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