What are you practicing today?

Just wondering what tricks yalls workin on

Ladder escape… sooooo frustrating!!! :-\

Shuppet donk! I love this trick!

Boingy, seasick, essence flux

Rancid Milk. Not getting TOO far too fast, but no absolute roadblocks yet.

Hmmm… Just some tethered dragon and some 5a.

Well, since i’m still very new to yoyoing, i’m still working on my double or nothing and matrix. ;D

Some combos I have been working been trying to integrate rancid milk into a few combos been really hard since it’s such a lengthy trick.

I’m trying to teach myself some new around the arm stuff

I seen a thread like this somewhere else

Rancid Milk.

New combos and cleaning up old ones.

Over Under Boing-E

That weird Ricardo Fraolini slack to X.(Original trick by Ricardo Fraolini, variation trick by Malcolm Chiu)

I already got it down, just have to smoothen it up.

I also made really weird variation of it from another mount ;).

Ghost rolls by Aaron Davis