What are you listening to today?

tobyMac, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin, Phil Wickham!

Childish Gambino.

OFWGKTA. Mainly Earl’s album Doris.

Shave it by Zedd. Well, the first minute of it.

PS2 DDR soundtrack. ;D

The beat is pretty catchy

Gram & Emmylou



Persona’s soundtracks always turn a bad day into a good day. :smiley:

Jack whites lazzaretto record and Megadeath

^Gotta love some jack white. I may listen to some Racoonteurs and White stripes today now that you mention him.

I have been listening to lots of big black delta I have found I like another band now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBHFZ6wNQzI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

MGS Peace Walker Soundtrack

Bro just got a Bose sound link II


Good ole A Day To Remember

My favorite is the dead weather 8)

Ooooh, I’ve been temped to get a Bluetooth speaker how does it sound?
(unless it’s like jumping from $2 headphones to $200 headphones I think I’ll stick with my non-portable stereo system)


Coldplay X&Y, Parachutes, Trap, Dubstep, etc.