What are the worst yoyos you have?

Fair enough. I just like brains for total noobs. Like, my four-year-old can throw and catch a Yomega brain successfully maybe 50% of the time. On a regular responsive, he just doesn’t understand the mechanics of throw and tug. So he has more fun with the brain, and he’s actually starting to throw sleepers too!


That guy did you a favor :rofl:


As I get better (slowly) I like to throw my Dollar Tree Metal Tech and put it through some action. It’s good to practice on junk because it makes me really have to work! I find it hard to not love any yoyo…

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I got a generic trans axle yoyo from Dave and Busters. The epitome of a terrible yoyo. Doesnt even come back up most of the time.


As in BC black bird? Those are nice little yoyos.


Yes sir, I got spoiled tonyomega, so when I tried it I didnt really care for it.

The Duncan reflex?

Edit: just saw the rest of the thread