What are the Blood Brothers?

Hi to all!

It s been a while since i posted online, lot of you knows me from contest, but a lot of you have no idea of who i am! Today i want to share those pictures and this story with you, as soon the BLood Brothers line will start.

What are the blood brothers? it s not a new brand on the market, there are already too many brands out there. The “blood brothers” is a very special project, managed entirely by me. I m doing an internship here in China for a private consulting company. They know quite a lot of factory, and they love yoyoing. So why not make a yoyo together?

i found an amazing factory to machine the yoyo, i found an amazing factory to anodize the yoyo (same factories that very popular brand use nowadays). All i want to do is create an amazing yoyo, for a cheap price.

The blood brothers should be 3 yoyos. all will be very limited, and it will be a one time project, no brand name, just a story. The first one is the one you can see on the pictures.


As you can see, i was looking for the perfect combinaison between a good old fashion organic shape, and an aggressive shape that makes a yoyo popular nowadays.

the result is this. a very solid throw, with an amazing spin time and stability.

here are the specs of the first brother.

54mm diameter
40.5 mm width
Kpads (or flowable silicone)
large C sized bearing (yoyojam, yoyofactory)
will come equiped with a flat chrome steel bearing for the US customers, and a concave bearing for non-US cutomers.

the other brothers will be based on the same design, but one will be 43mm wide and will be an amazing throw for contest, and the last one…i don’t want to spoil the surprise!

2 different coatings to choose, 6 colors. 12 artworks different, that is 144 different version of it. and only 144 yoyos will be made for the public. yes, all of them will be unique.

This brother will be produced within the next days. I hope you will like it as much as i like it, also there should be videos coming soon. And i hope that we will be able to make the 3 brothers live together.

Pictures of the colors should come tomorrow as well.

if you have any question about this project, feel free to send me an e-mail at


thank you for your attention!

now go back to playing the yoyo!


Sweet! :slight_smile: I love a solid throw, and if this is the right price, I’ll jump all over this!


Hadrien is a friend, that’s a point, but he’s also an incredible designer. So, I am very interested in his Blood Brothers!

I was lucky enough to have a glimpse on the three Brothers… You guys will go crazy!!!

The important thing to understand, is that Hadrien needs to sell the full run of Brother #x before producing the next one… And, believe me, it will be a pain in the ass to miss #2, and even more to miss brother #3!!!

Then, don’t miss the Blood Brothers!!!

Congrats, Had, i’m in O0

will they be sold at yoyoexpert?

The thinking of every single one of them will be unique is very tempting.

and, is this the same hadrien that chrisK of Hspin often talk about?

Yes :wink: .