blood brother - who's throwing them?

I’m curious about the First Blood Brother throw - who’s got one, what do you think, does it compare to anything??? I’ve only found one review, but I’d like to hear more… is this going to become one of those treasured, yet elusive, throws (like OD M1’s or first run CLYW Peaks)?

How’s the anodizing? How different is the grind finish from the polished finish?

I have one, and Darxun has one. The grind finish is indeed different than the polished finish. It’s smooth for grinding, while I imagine the polished would be like a protostar. It is the size of a protostar, light and floaty, doesn’t feel like a “fast” yoyo, seems relaxed yet tough enough that you can throw lots of tricks at it.

I think the 3 different brothers will become elusive, because once theyre gone, there will never be anymore.

Darxun, care to add anything?