LF: Delrins and Raw Throws!!!!

Hey guys, for some reason I really like delrin and raw throws. I’m really only looking to trade not buy and I have a few throws up for trade. Offer up!

What I have:

YYF C13 solid black, near mint and very slight vibe but still really nice throw.GONE

Blood Brother Yoyos First Brother pink grind finish, not mint it got a little kiss from the concrete yet somehow made it smoother. Still has the tiniest of vibe one of my favorites.

Hspin Antipodes raw, one of my favorite throws of all time. Near mint and has some vibe. A very underrated throw.

OD 54 blue, near mint and smooth. Great throw!

IKYO Agape custom painted dark green w/ speckles. Little scuffs in the paint but do not break through the paint. Has a little vibe and a very interesting throw.

Duncan Raptor red. Mint and one of my smoother throws. Comes with caps. A very underrated throw!

Duncan Mosquito green. What can I say other than its a Mosquito. Good for looping but thats about it.

X3 Stampede pruple. MIB the smoothest yoyo I have ever thrown!!! I’m not really looking to get rid of it (has too much sentimental value) just seeing what I can get for it.

PM me for pictures.