What are TA-tas?


Did I type that right?


Stack style caps on a MadHouse Epic.


Well when a girl reaches a certain age…

They’re Madhouse’s take on ‘hubstacks’.


An upgraded version of z stacks. I’ve hear that they are super loud too.


They are. Like Communism, in theory it worked great. But when applied, there were a bunch of problems.

Personally I rather liked the loud noise. Though it seemed to affect spin times, they sounded like a screeching cougar when the yoyo was spinning.


Also, when a man reaches a certain weight.


I think the Epic is one of the best stacked yoyos out there. No argument, this is a super loud yoyo. Those stacks scream. The only worse ones I’ve experienced are Magic YoYo stacks but they only scream while engaged. I can’t say anything about stacks affecting spin time for me because I haven’t had an issue with it. I won’t ague that stacks will cut down on spin time. For me, I’ve always had sufficient spin after my combos to bring the yoyo back. My combos are generally not that long though.