MadHouse Epic

So I never tried a MadHouse YoYo before an I waited eagerly for the Epic to come out! So I bought one directly from Rick the day it came out, and let me say, I acted as if I was a 5 on Christmas Eve Night! All excited to open presents. Rick is an awesome guy to deal with and I got the Epic right away! Let me add a bummer part though. So I open the mail box to see a package, right? So I walk in my house all happy to open it, it’s 8 PM and I walk in and the power is out! So I went bowling and threw it there!

First Impressions

It came in a Red Velvet pouch, nice and elegant looking! It also came with: The Epic’s packaging, I believe it was 12 stickers, A tool to get the Ta-Ta’s off and a note from Rick! The first thing I noticed was that the finish on the Epic felt MUCH different than others. It felt like the velvet pouch almost. But I heard that it is called the “Chalkboard” finish so it might feel like that but I’m not familiar with the feel of a chalkboard  :stuck_out_tongue: And the Ta-Ta’s looked AMAZING! Very nice anodization job!


Weight : 65.76 grams
Width : 39.10 mm
Diameter: 54.98 mm
Gap Width : 4.30 mm
Bearing Size: Large/ C
Stock Response System: Flowable Silicone

On A Throw

It’s sorta loud, but who cares! It’s nice and smooth on the string and grinds, it spins nice and long, it does all the tricks I want it to! It’s binds are just right, it plays at the speed you want it to, it’s just amazing!

The Ta-Ta’s

They have a nice anodization job on them, nice laser engraving, nice shape, etc.! When the yoyo is spinning, they are sort of loud but not as loud as some others. It’s a peaceful loud though, like angels humming. I took them off and it’s a whole new feel now! It’s a little light now but I still love it! I noticed the system is different though, I like it! There is one hole on each side of the yoyo and Ta-Ta, there is an axle on both Ta-Ta’s and a bearing that stays in the Ta-Ta’s. I thought it was pretty cool! So I have the Ta-Ta’s off and I put some YoYoFactory nubs on the hubs of the Epic.

Final Thoughts

Go get one! I love mine, I haven’t put it down since I got it! I have been throwing 5A with it today and came up with a new trick with ease landing it! I am going to get a MadHouse t-shirt and wear it with me to the next contest I go to because I LOVE Madhouse now! Thanks Rick/Madhouse for the amazing yoyo!

Sorry if this review isn’t that good, it is my second. Oh, and I will try and get pictures soon! MadHouse = <3 I am going to try and find a Lucky 7 on the B/S/T trade and get it!

Here are my two fan videos I made: