Weekly Review: Week 3 - MadHouse Epic!



Hey guys! So this is my third weekly review. Today, I’ll be reviewing the MadHouse Epic. Now, you never really hear much about Madhouse YoYos but I thought they seemed unique. I wasn’t sure if it was because they were no good or if nobody ever wanted to give them a try. I decided to investigate so I got a Madhouse Epic. I wasn’t sure if the spinning side caps or as they call it, “ta tas” would take away from the performance of the yoyo. I also wasn’t sure if the ta tas would even spin that long. But the concept of the yoyo seemed interesting so I decided to give it a shot. Let’s see the results…

String Used: JAMS YoYo String

First Impressions
The Epic had a unique look to it. The yoyo itself was a bold solid color, while the ta tas really made it stand out with the bright fusion of colors. Very nice look. Feeling the surface of the Epic, it wasn’t smooth like my MN or Chief, it was a little rougher. The center of the yoyo however, where you would do a finger grind, was a little smoother. It didn’t feel like much of a grinder, but I was curious to try it out. Then I got to the ta tas. They spin very freely, just a slight touch, not even push, would move it. I couldn’t wait to try out the Epic, especially the ta tas.


Diameter: 54.98 mm
Width: 39.1 mm
Gap Width: 4.3 mm
Weight: 65.76 grams
Bearing: Crucial Grooved
Response: Flowable Silicone

On a Throw

The Epic plays very nicely. It’s a very stable, long sleeping yoyo, very forgiving. However, you will need a perfect or near perfect throw to keep it from vibing. I’m not sure, but I think it’s because of the ta tas, that the Epic will vibe if you don’t have a perfect throw. But, setting that aside, I could do my longest combos, and then some, then finish off with a bind all completed smoothly without tilting or turning whatsoever. Regens are made easy with the Epic. Same goes for gyroflops, thanks to the Crucial Grooved bearing. Grinds, on the other hand, not so great. Finger grinds are short and only last about 3-4 seconds. Binds are average. You can get tight binds but it doesn’t do so well when you try to bind while spin is low. This makes snap starts difficult, but are doable. Overall, this yoyo plays great.
Now, let’s talk about the ta tas. WOW! The ta tas easily exceeded my expectations. Easy to use, you can grab them easily while the yoyo is spinning. Just throwing it and catching it back and forth between my 2 hands were amusing and I could do that for a good minute or two with no problems. You can turn the yoyo with ease and it doesn’t slow down the spin much at all. I can now finally do finger spins, even if it’s “fake” :smiley: You can do finger spins for as long as the yoyo spins, but after 10 seconds or so it starts to tilt but you can easily fix that by rebalancing it with your thumb. If you want to just grab the ta tas, the yoyo will keep spinning for around 2 minutes. The ta tas are a lot of fun to play with!


-long combos
-good regens
-good gyroflops
-tight binds
-ta tas don’t reduce spin time much if at all, and are very easy to maneuver


-not a good grinder
-will vibe if you don’t have a perfect throw







The Epic is a great throw! It deserves so much more recognition than it gets. It’s stable, long sleeping, very forgiving yoyo. On top of all that, it has spinning side caps that are ridiculously fun and don’t take away from the performance of the yoyo itself. I highly recommend this yoyo for it’s fun and unique qualities!

That’s about it… Thanks for reading guys! Comments, Questions, Suggestions welcomed and encouraged!!!


I’ve heard it said that the Ta-Tas are very loud. Is this true?


Ahh, ok… Well when you startyour throw the ta tas will accelerate… Thats when its loud… It will start to get quieter when its already reached full speed… Its not insanely loud though… Its really quietifyoutake the ta tas off though, but i dont wantto ;D


Good review.
I find that on a good throw the tata’s are relatively silent. This yoyo is a blast to play with and plays above and beyond any other stacked yoyo I’ve tried.


The Ta-tas are very loud. Make no doubt about that. It’s a superior hubstacked yoyo for hubstacked play. The large Ta-tas make it easy to grab out of the air and opens the door for a lot of tricks. I wouldn’t get this for regular 1A, 3A, or 5A, as it really is a specialty throw.


They arent THAT loud… Its nothing compared to a 10 ballbearing when it acts up and decides to screech… And yes, it is a specialty throw, but its greatat 1A, whether you use the ta tas ornot…


I’ve owned an Epic and had extensive experience with it. I know how loud they are. LOUD! You’re right it’s nothing compared to a 10-ball bearing when it acts up… IT’S MUCH WORSE. I’ve owned plenty of 10-ball bearings and I know how they sound when they get loud and it just doesn’t compare to the CONSTANT noise the ta-tas make.

There’s no point to owning this yoyo if you don’t use the ta-tas. It’s not great at 1A. It’s simply OK. There are much much better throws out there for straight up 1A. The spin times are quite bad, it’s extremely vibey, and it grinds poorly. You said 3-4 seconds on grinds, which is an eternity. This gets more like 1 second. I’m not sure why people always feel the need to exaggerate the number of seconds a yoyo can grind.

It does what it was designed for well and everything else not so much. The ONLY way I’d recommend this throw is if you want to expand your hubstack tricks repertoire.


Hmmmm, lets think.

Have you ever thought about the fact that player’s skill has a great factor in a yoyo’s performance? Maybe spin times are bad due to your throw? That could cause your “vibe” too, and grinds won’t be great if your yoyo is barely sinning and wobbling like crazy. Bad at 1A? How can the yoyo be bad at 1A? Is your mom’s car bad at driving? Is your frying pan bad at cooking?

Just throwing that out there. Ponder it for a while.


Oops, double post. I guess my keyboard is bad at typing.


I think its morelikely the one hegot was different or something :stuck_out_tongue: i can get 3-4 minute sleep times on it, not too shabby, and the ta tas arent that loud, nothing compared to a 10 ball acting up, another guy in this thread said it wasn’t that loud too. As for vibe, this yoyo is smooth but you need a great throw to keep it like that… if you have a good straight throw, this yoyois smooth. And this yoyo, in my opinion, is GOOD at 1a, i prefer it over my one drops… As for grinds, I can get 3-4 second grinds on a hard throw, but it does turn when you attempt to grind. This yoyo is a bad grinder in general though,i will agree with that.

The points you brought up Nard,may or may not be true, probably the ladder, I’m sure he is better than me at throwing, I’m not going to deny that. However, you did bring up some good points. I’m not going to argue with this guy though, we are all entitled to our own opinion,let’s just leave it at that…