The Epic by MADHOUSE!

So, I got a couple pms asking me what to expect with the Epic… Here’s my review

This review is unorganized and I’m no photographer, so don’t expect a high-quality review haha.

The Specs:
Weight (g) 65.76
Width (mm) 39.10
Diameter (mm) 54.98
…Gap Width (mm) 4.30
Bearing Size: .250 x .500 x .187 in
Stock Response System: Flowable Silicone
TA-Ta Bearing Size: 5x10x4mm

So, the spin times are phenominal. Seriously. Sometimes, it sounds and sometimes feels on your finger like the yoyo is slowing down… it’s not. That’s the hubstacks. It’s really hard to describe. You’ll notice it when you do long combos; it feels like it’s slowing down, but you can keep going forever. One thing that’ different about the feel from other yoyos I’ve used is that the weight is halfway between the middle and the rims, unlike most yoyos which are rim weighted. This makes the yoyo feel different, and it seems like it actually makes for longer spins… as you’ll notice, yoyojam (phenom/sfx) and yoyofactory (supernova) both have yoyo with large portions of the weight positioned here as well.

As for feel during tricks: It’s very floaty, in my opinion. More so than a peak. A lot of times, people think floaty means slow, but it doesn’t. Floaty means easy to maneuver. It’ll go anywhere you want it to go, with ease. It “floats” to where you want it to go. It’s hard to say that this yoyo is fast or slow because you can play it slow or fast and it doesn’t change the way the yoyo feels. Compared to an 888, where if you go slow, it feels weird. 888s play much better when you yoyo fast. This yoyo can go slow or fast easily.

It’s a lot more stable than I expected it to be. It’s thin and with the hubstacks I expected it to either tilt or start drifting in one direction, but this isn’t a problem at all. It’s plenty stable for me and to be honest, I’m a pretty sloppy yoyoer and I have a problem with yoyos tilting on me sometimes…

This sounds weird, but boingy boing is easier with this yoyo than other yoyos… Rick told me this when he first gave me the yoyo and it’s true. Wierd. the yoyo just shoots the boings smoothly.

It’s a little bit thin compared to some yoyos (I have a sasquatch… the sasquatch is super wide compared to the epic). I don’t mind that, but some people might… It’s very close to the width of a FHZ.
Personally, it fits my hand perfectly. I love full sized and this is full-sized. The width is great for my fingers.

The bearing seat is pretty tight on mine… so you might expect the bearing to not come off without pliers. This makes it super smooth, though. SUUPER smooth with the stock bearing. I switched it out with a center track bearing, and unfortunately, it’s not as smooth (very slight vibe, nothing that affects play at all)… why? I don’t know. I still like having a center track in it though. I usually prefer thinner yoyos to have konkave/center track bearings for some reason.

Response is normal silicone… great binds.

The “Ta-Tas” are the best hubstacks around. They are big and easy to catch. You can also grab them really tight without the yoyo slowing at all (unlike yoyofactory yoyos I’ve used). I’m not much of a hubstack user, but they look AWESOME, so I’m not complaining haha.

Overall, it’s one of the best yoyos I’ve ever used. It’s my favorite. My second favorite is a Sasquatch. Sasquatches feel like bricks when you throw them compared to the Epic, though. Not because they don’t play as well, Sasquatches play amazingly well (long spinds, extremely stable, etc.), but they feel so chunky compared to the Epic. I just love the Epic…

I will be using the Epic at Cal States this weekend.
Happy Throwing. Get one!

-Hans Baker


Anyways, if you want a great yoyo, whether it be for the hubstacks or for the play, I would DEFINITELY recommend this yoyo to anyone.

Side note: You can remove the ta-tas with an allen wrench, which is included with the yoyo!