Get RAD! The Newest MadHouse - RAD!

Nice Rick.just what everyone needs. A Lucky 7!!! I’m included in that. I want another one.

I wish i had one but hopefully i will get one because i need one! also if I win i would like you guys to all sign It!

I JUST LOVE THIS SENTENCE!.. I hope you win!.. :smiley:


Well Madhouse yoyo’s. It is 10:07 and I’m pretty sure that 7 is a lucky number for winning the madhouse lucky 7? Lucky 7?

I’m mad for MadHouse yoyos. :wink:

I am going to get put in a Madhouse if I don’t get my hands on one of these!

Not entering, but I seriously hope I will get to see a bunch of puns. haha

This contest is rather inspired,
This throw being one I desired.
But praying to heaven
To win Lucky Seven
Will probably just get me fired…

The chances of winning are low,
As everyone surely must know.
But nevertheless,
I’m here to confess
“To comment on Facebook I go!”

And now the deed has been done.
I’m fleeing my boss at a run.
I’ll be unemployed
But still overjoyed,
When I hear MadHouse say that I won! ;D


I’m can’t wait till i get the lucky seven my mom got me for christmas… but then, another one would be nice…

I was in a MadHouse because I went Mad because I didn’t have a MadHouse YoYo but then I found an old Slot Machine in the MadHouse I was in and Got a Lucky 7 on the Slot Machine so I left the MadHouse so I could find a MadHouse Lucky 7…How’s that?

Yeah… I posted a pic of my 5150 on your page… I’d love a Lucky 7. We appreciate the contest you’re throwing!

[b]Hi Guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads up the Contest/Giveaway ends Sunday 7th.
So enter when you can!.. We will pick and announce the winner next week!

Good Luck to all,



If I win this yoyo I will be so happy I will go crazy and have to go into a Madhouse =)

And The Winner is!..


Rick and The MadHouse[/b]

And Thanks to all that entered!.. We loved the crazy pics, quotes, videos and things!..

The winner is my friend!

That looks like an epic yoyo! But as long as we are along the line of Mad House, could you please do another run of Unknown? I want that yoyo s0o0o0o0o much but by the time I found out about it they were long gone.

We don’t have any UnKnowns commin right now, but we do have another throw that should be commin soon!..



DAAAMMMITT!!! i cant believe i missed this!!! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! >:( >:( >:( >:( the Lucky 7 is the ONLY All Metal yoyo i want… grrr… well, next time.

btw, where can you get them from?

They are sold out at his point, you may be able to pick one up on yo-yo buy sell trade boards.
We also have another throw commin… will see!..