How to properly care for EPIC TA-Tas... by MadHouse


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Hi Guys,
I had some people ask about how to take care of TA-Tas, and I felt it was an important question that needed to be delved into.

First off TA-Tas are the heart and soul of life. They are what make things Epic and they are what gives the EPIC its unique feel!

Please treat the TA-Tas nicely!..

Second TA-Tas and their bearings are not meant to be separated, The bearings are designed to stay in the TA-Tas, and really who wouldn’t want to stay right there.

To have the best possible TA-Ta experience you will want to break in your bearing.

To break in TA-Ta bearings - Rip start a lot!
Since each TA-Ta has a bearing in it, one side will always spin at a different speed than the other.
The way to make the bearings work the best is to put a drop of lube on your TA-Ta bearings, then do lots of rip starts until the bearing is broken in. The Lube helps the bearing spin smooth and it helps prevent the bearing from getting overly loud.

Lube Your TA-Ta’s Bearings (You shouldn’t need to do this to much when they are new)…

   You can change the bearing, it is just not very easy(and not recommended). You always need to be gentle with Ta-Tas. 

The procedure to change the bearings in TA-Tas;
1st place TA-Ta on a large socket to support the rim of the TA-Ta as close to the middle as you can.
2nd firmly grasp Ta-ta while using a nail set and punch out the TA-Ta bearing through the hole in the middle.
3rd put new bearing on a hard surface and place the button head screw back on the new bearing(This is very important).
4th press the Ta-ta firmly onto the new bearing making sure to put most pressure in the middle of the Ta -ta. This could take a lot of pressure.

The procedure to properly assemble an EPIC;
If you take the EPIC apart is important that you put it together the way described bellow so the yoyo works perfectly.
1st attach TA-Tas (hubstacks) to EPIC body halves.
2nd attach halves to each other with the middle set screw and “C” Bearing in the middle.
This procedure assures that the TA-Tas will be set on the yoyo correctly. If this is not done the middle set screw may be too far to one side or the other which could make the TA-Ta not set correctly.

Possible TA-Ta Problems:
Really loud bearing: Put a little lube on bearing then rip start a whole bunch.

Bearing stuck to post not TA-Ta: probably a little lock-tite got on inside of Bearing when it was placed on EPIC. - Pull bearing off with pliers if bearing is Toast contact MadHouse, if not replace on TA-Ta and play.

People keep grabbing your TA-Tas: Buy an extra one for your friends - Everyone loves Ta-tas.

I hope this helps.


If you still need help please feel free to contact the MadHouse, I hear they are pretty nice.

Treat the TA-Tas nicely


Here at the madhouse we feel that tradition and dignity are of the utmost importance in the Yoyo community.
With this in mind we have decided to name our new stacks with a name fitting of the glorious pursuit of new and innovative tricks. This system incorporates Trajectory and Assimilation.

 The Acronym is TA:

Trajectory: The path of a projectile or other moving body through space.
Assimilation: Incorporation of new concepts into existing schemes

And of course there are two sides, so with this in mind we give you:

With our new
Ta-Ta (multi axis) System
We hope to live up to the names of our predecessors.

AnY MIROC - Side Cap Bearings
YoyoFactory - HubStacks/ Zstacks
Werrd - Jimmy Hat
yoyojam - Sprocket Caps
RiceRocket - Ricestack
Duncan - spinning side caps

[b]Thank you for your time in our most noble pursuit of yoyo recreation.

Sincerely Your Friend,



Is it true that mad house was or is based in Fresno, Ca


I’m pretty sure they are in Bend, OR


Yes we were in Fresno, CA!!!
About a year or so ago, we moved up to the Bend, OR area!

We love both places!



I wish i knew sooner!(I’m also in Fresno) I started a year ago and loved your throws ever since!