what are bearings, what are they ment for

what are bearings?
what are they ment for?

Bearings are several small metal balls sandwiched between two races so that the outer race can rotatate around the inner. In a yoyo the string attaches to the outer race so that when you throw the yoyo the bearing spins and the axle doesn’t rub on the string. The bearing allows the yoyo to spin for much longer and faster than if you were using a fixed or trans axle.

can u recommand any bearings?
i have [gona get] velocity

My favorite is a one drop ten ball but if you are a beginner I would recommend a difeyo konkave bearing or a crucial grooved bearing.

The Velocity comes with an A-sized bearing. The specs for an A-sized bearing are; 5X10X4
Inner diameter X Outer Diameter X Width in mm. You will need to replace it with another A-sized bearing.

There are generic bearings and CBC centertrak bearings for more money. It depends what you want, like or need. The only right answer is what combination are you happiest with.

However, considering your location and what shipping may cost you, I’d recommend going to something a bit more expensive. Since you’re into YYF, I’m going to recommend the Protostar. If money is an issue, The DieNasty is nice too. The Starlight isn’t bad.

The Starbrite is cheap, nice but a bit too light in my opinion. Not a junker, but a decent yoyo, just too light for my preferences. The Stackless Grind Machine might be another option for a low cost yoyo, while the full featured Grind machine might be nice to have as well.

Sorry, I’m just not into the whole adjustable gab thing. Also, A-bearings aren’t exactly my favorite, but that has little to do with the recommendations. I just noticed all my recommendations are for C-sized bearings… interesting. That wasn’t intentional. Although, a Duncan FreeHand Zero is a nice yoyo! Responsive at first, clean the bearing, remove a sticker, maybe add weight rings and it’s a good player!