What 4A Throws Do You Guys Like The Best?

I know that YYN has a similar poll, but the throws are kind of outdated.
My favorites are the Solar and Go Big.
2 Votes per person. ;D
Tell me if I’m Missing anything!
Bye! ::slight_smile:

Get the YYJ Go Big.

I’m not wondering what to buy. I just want to know what you guys like. :wink:

Bump bumpity bump bump. Bump bump ;D

I’m not ready for 4A, but I have a Fiesta XX, a Big Yo and a used Aquarius. The look and cost of the Go Big look nice. I’m not saying “go YYJ”, but I do like their product offerings for 4 yoyos. I may consider getting the Go Big once the blues get back in stock.

Why am I getting these if I’m not ready for 4A? Simple: When I am ready or at least ready to try, I want the stuff to be here and ready for me to pick it up and get to it, rather than have to order and wait. I’m just spending NOW instead of later.