what 2A yoyo should.....

please vote or give me your thoughts or opinions

I just like the feeling and the response of pulse. Perfect shape and weight for me.

Sunset’s. The best loopers that I ever used. There pretty good weight and balance. Loop 720’s arent that good cause if sometimes have to replace the STRING response. Same with Speed Beatles. Cheaper but the friction stickers can wear out.

Sunsets work best for me. But I don’t loop at much, (or ever really) so I just have Imperials.

My friend just got a loop720 from YYF and he likes it alot. Really pretty blue color too. Anyway I’ve tried the sunset and loop720 and I really like the 720s response system sting on string is pretty neat. Im not sure if you wanted just ideas on the yoyos you picked out but its a really good choice.

I enjoy looping ,
and I bought a ST hoping it would be great , but its just to light for me Looks great but I honestly wasnt to happy with its plastic and its over all feel .

But the pulse is an incredible yo for the price its a must have in the collection no matter what .
buy two keep one thick lubbed and the other klean and light lube .by far the best light up diode yo as well , one lil LED on each side makes a great red ,green, blue spinning light show

I got a grim sleeper off ebay and its excellent , imho better than the ST theres still some on there for like under 10bucks

I also enjoy looping with a brand new duncan mosquito

sorry im long winded but I think everyone talks about string tricks and looping seems to be a dieing breed :frowning:

I felt badding talking smakc about the legendary ST , so I just dug it out of the museum
and practiced a bit , and I guess what I dont like about it is ( vs the pulse) is the side caps are hollow giving it that thin light hollow abs plastic feel . like if I knock its gonna crack but it is smoo9th as heck and looks sharp , red eagle with blue string

whereas the pulse is like a heavy duty polycarb bulletproof glass feel and I havent cracked one yet
have 4

also forgot , if you looking for to buy the best one , I bought almost one of every yo I was interested in mostly duncans and like the proyo profly avenger profire imperial dragonfly mosquito, yomega fireball , raider .

and the proyo with wood is decent looper but its to light for me and too heavy with washers for W.rings

where the bumble bee is exactly the same shape size as proyp profly avenger but its a denser plastic and has an great feel to it

AND I just got a duncan sports ball , baseball and soccer ball , they are aslo great to loop with and have a great feel and snap when you catch a ball , instead of a disk

1 pulse
2 bumble bee
3 Grim sleeper
4 ST
5 sports ball duncan , alot of fun

ps , timewarp on disc channel , see the guy at the end looping hitting bottles and lighting a match in a guys mouth on a loop and knockling ciggertettes out of like 8 peoples ears , very cool

What? That doesnt make sense. ???


What? That doesnt make sense. ???
I didn’t understand either… ???

A lecture on nothing… :o Anyways, to me, either ST NXG, or Pulse? I want to stay with YYJ, but I’ve heard Pulse yoyos are great.

Have you ever heard bout “Modded Raiders”?
Peace yo!~



I understood most of it.

In short:
“I do not like the feel of Sunset Trajectories because they feel to light, hollow, and fragile. I like the Pulse the best for looping because it has a nice, solid feel to it.”