Wet silicone in Yoyo


What would happen if you played your yoyo before you allowed it to try for 24 hours? I know you aren’t supposed to do this but I am very curious. =P


Many people ask this question every month.

Here’s what happens:

It could start to cure unevenly(not level). It could be torn out quite easily through play. It could disintegrate into a mess of silicone bits. These little bits could get into your hearing and cause you all sorts of grief as you try to decide to clean it out or buy a new bearing.

Please, just leave the yoyo alone for 24 hours. Play something else in the meantime. This is a reason why everyone should have at least 2 yoyos. Or buy pads!


Much like chewing your food before swallowing…it is advised.

(kclejeune) #4

I’ve never had an issue using it after 12.


I used mine after like 15 hours yesterday. Not a good idea. It’s almost gone already from 1 day of play you want to let it harden all the way.