Werrd vs OD


Which one is your favorite, just curious to see what you guys like to throw more ;D


Not a fan of the hour but if it had been the 86400 that’s what I would have picked


You don’t hear much about Werrd anymore. When you do it’s not often positive… Or maybe I’m just reconditioned because Werrd popped up a lot in the “regret” post recently.

Either way, you can easily guess this vote will heavily favor One Drop. ;D


there I changed it :slight_smile:




Wish I could change my vote but we’ll see how it turns out

One Drop stuff gets a lot more recognition in the united states but it’s hard to deny how awesome the irony jp 2k13 and 86400 are. I love both for several different reasons but I have a lot more fun with the 86400 than I’ve ever had with a benchmark.


They are two very different sort of companies to compare. Somewhat like apples and oranges. That said, I have not had much experience in throwing any of werrd’s newer products. I still own a TFL and 4xl, but I haven’t gotten the opportunity to own or throw anything newer. OD I have though, so I can’t give a fair preference of one companies products over the other for myself.

That said, both companies are absolutely wonderful :slight_smile: